Past Events - TEDxCambridgeUniversity
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2018 Conference

X & Why

Looking at an incredibly broad range of topics, ranging from mind & mathematics to philosophy & performance art, TEDxCambridgeUniversity examine the simple power of asking Why, and explore the ways in which questioning the status quo may allow us to subvert established thinking and discover better solutions.

2019 Conference

Turn the Page

Can different chapters of the same book be pieced together to uncover
solutions? Does innovation lie in the blank pages to come, or in
re-reading the literature in a new light? Can a single person’s story be
the catalyst to change society for the better? Considering an incredibly
broad range of topics, we sought to uncover the ways in which a simple
change of perspective can offer ideas and solutions to benefit us all.

2016 Conference

Connecting the Arts and Sciences

Talks explore whether the distinction is as clear-cut as has often been assumed, and examine the ways in which the Arts and Sciences relate to each other, as well as the innovation that emerges from this interaction. What do you study: an art or a science? Is this even a legitimate question? Fundamentally, both are in search of the same thing: understanding both ourselves and the world around us.

2017 Conference

Jumping Off the Shoulders of Giants

Do new ideas always build upon heritage and tradition? Or is breaking free of the paradigm the only way of achieving true innovation? Exploring a wide array of topics, from philosophy & physics to art & anthropology, we examined the role of scientific and artistic traditions in fostering innovation, as well as the courage and power required to break free of them.

Take a look at some photos of our previous events on our Flickr page!