Meet the Team - TEDxCambridgeUniversity
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The community and conversations we create through these events are just as important to us as the ideas themselves.


At TEDxCambridgeUniversity, we are an entirely student run committee who believe in the power of great ideas.


Scroll down to meet the amazing team making this year’s events happen!
Mehul Meghani

Hi! I’m Mehul, a fourth year Natural Sciences student at Churchill. Having been involved in the TEDx
committee during the pandemic, I’ve seen the value that the organisation can bring to Cambridge in
challenging times, exposing people to the wide-ranging work and stories of some fascinating individuals.
I’m very excited to see speakers back on stage and look forward to seeing many of you at our events
throughout the year!

Jasmine Lee

I’m a third year PBS student at Pembroke. After organising salons online last year, I am very excited for
inspiring, in-person TEDx events this year. I love that TEDx is a place for everyone to share their stories
and innovative ideas, and I can’t wait to meet some passionate, like-minded people!

Joseph Vambe

I am currently studying an MPhil in Politics and International Relations at Kings. The TEDx community
should know that I am inspired by those who have overcome great adversity to get to where they are; in
particular, those who have been downcast and had all odds stacked against them. It is these people,
through the unity of their vocation and experiences that inspire me, they deserve a platform to share such
powerful messages and I am incredibly excited to hear their ‘ideas worth spreading’ with the TEDx

Amel Elleily
Speakers Team

I am a second-year student at Corpus studying History & Politics. I thoroughly
enjoy the discussion and sharing of ideas, anecdotes and experiences in order
to promote greater empathy and understanding.

Lilien Gyabaah
Speakers Team

Second year English student at Downing. I love the art of speech and I am
passionate about creating a space which will allow speech to build the bridge
between ideas and change.

Sponsorship Officer

Hi! I’m Korede, a 2nd year Philosophy student at Jesus College. I have always
admired the culture of TEDxCambridgeUniversity which is centred around creating
ample opportunities for its listeners to challenge accepted narratives, engage in
self-education and stimulate deeper conversations. I am excited to be a part of a
society which allows me to be tangibly involved in a space I’ve always respected and
to find excellent sponsors for the conference this year!

Vanessa Wong
Salons Team

Hi everyone! I’m a third year Education student at Homerton. Looking forward to
organizing salons that tap into a range of subjects and interests which spark meaningful
conversations for all.

Jolyn Koh
Salons Team

I am a second-year Geographer at St Catharine’s College. I enjoy, and believe in the
need to explore issues from different perspectives. I am looking forward to help facilitate
the sharing of interesting and inspiring experiences from a diverse group of speakers.

Publicity/Events Team

I’m a 3rd year PhD student in Engineering at Catz. I can’t wait to meet lots of new
people through TEDx and help to organise and publicise some incredible events!

Bernard Liu

Hello I am Bernard and I am a postgraduate student majoring in Technology Policy at Emmanuel College. I really look forward to contribute and help facilitate the development of upcoming in-person salons and conferences.

Kishen Joshi
Speakers Team

Third year Biological Natural Sciences student at Trinity Hall. I love learning
about new ideas and concepts and I am really looking forward to working to
create a space where inter-disciplinary ideas and thought processes can be
brought together.

Sponsorship Officer

“Hi! I’m Alex, a 3rd year chemist at Pembroke and treasurer for this year. I wanted to
get more experience handling an organisation’s money to see if it was something I’d
enjoy doing in the future. I look forward to liaising with all the different teams, and I
hope I can keep the books balanced!”

Sponsorship Officer

Hi, I’m Khalid, a second-year medical student from Peterhouse. I’m a big fan of Ted
talks myself so I’m really excited to be involved in putting one on and being able to
attend in person. I hope this year’s event can be even bigger and better to make up
for the one that was missed last year! Within the sponsorship team, I hope we can
find sponsors not only interested in getting awareness for their company, but ones
genuinely interested in what we are doing – providing a platform to share unique

Jasper Maughan
Salons Team

I’m a 2nd year MMLer at Caius interested in modern and contemporary art, photography
and all things Eastern European. I’m hoping to make the range of topics even more
diverse this year and attract a broader audience.

Publicity/Events Team

I’m a 2nd year Medic at Christ’s College. I’m really looking forward to working with
the committee and organising fascinating Tedx events in Cambridge this year!
George: I’m a music student in my second year at King’s. I’m really looking forward to
working with the rest of the committee to deliver great events to as many people as possible
this year!
Publicity/Events Team

Hi I’m Zach and I’m a second-year Law student at Eddies. Joining TEDx is a thrill and
an amazing opportunity for me to help organise many meaningful events in the coming year!

hehehsehsehse hi
Lester Li

I’m a third year engineer at Pembrokeshire enjoys rowing and badminton and can also make a banging carrot cake. I‘m so excited to help spread some fascinating ideas as Technical Officer.

Barbara Walkowiak
Speakers Team

Second year Biological Natural Sciences student at Emmanuel. I’m passionate
about bringing people from different backgrounds together and promoting
interdisciplinary thinking

Sponsorship Officer

Hi! I’m Jude (he/him), a second-year History and French student at Homerton
College, and I’m one of TEDx Cambridge’s Sponsorship Officers this year. As
somebody who’s used TED talks from a young age as an easy and accessible way
to listen to new ideas and improve myself, I’m so excited to be able to work with the
TEDxCambridgeUniversity team this year to find an incredible roster of sponsors to
help host our event.

Niki Kotecha
Salons Team

I’m a 4th year Chemical Engineer at Magdalene! Really excited to work with the rest of the
committee to create a platform that allows others to seek a different perspective on issues
across the globe.

Samuel Myrtle
Salons Team

I’m a 4th year Medic at Jesus College, primarily interested in neurology and psychiatry. I
want to help tailor the salons to be conceptually interesting on multiple levels to a wide
audience, with new and exciting ideas which people haven’t encountered before.
Publicity/Events Team

I’m a fourth year MMLer at Churchill. I’m really excited about being on the committee
this year and can’t wait to get involved helping spread new ideas across Cambridge with our

David He

I am a third year engineer at Pembroke. After being a technical officer last year during the
pandemic, I have come to see the importance of in-person events and am very excited to help
our speakers reach more people in our salons this year.

Alesia B
Design Team

I’m a part-time architectural student at Queens’. I’m excited to connect with the TEDx
community to understand new perspectives and topics that can be captured and translated
into design work. I’m looking forward to creating spaces which will help compliment a
speakers message and spark discussion.