Main Conference - TEDxCambridgeUniversity
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In March 2021, we shall gather to hear from thirteen sets of speakers as they read between the lines and scribble over the status quo, bringing us a revived sense of optimism and new insight for our journey into 2021 and beyond.


Here are the inspiring people who will join us at the TEDxCambridgeUniversity 2021 Conference.

James Breiding

Author and CEO of S8nations 

Big Lessons from Small Nations
Rupert Scofield

President, CEO & Co-Founder of FINCA International

Building an ecosystem of social enterprises that change the world
Rosie Wright

MsT student in Social Innovation [at the Cambridge Judge Business School] and Innovation Consultant.  

A perspective on new perspectives: How Virtual Reality can create social change
Olivia Ahn

CEO & Co-Founder of Planera 

Sustainability: Where consumers and corporates compromise
Peter Bush

Principal Lecturer in the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Brighton

Working together to reach a cure for arthritis
Alexia Lamorgese

MSc student in Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive Systems 

Working together to reach a cure for arthritis
Vanessa Marcie

Founder & CEO of Leading with Humour

How conscious humour can foster inclusion and improve diversity
Dora Alexopoulou

Linguistics Fellow at the University of Cambridge 

Our linguistic mind: How our native language influences second language learning
Sheen Gurrib

Social entrepreneur

Relearning the ABCs of girls education
Mark Kotter

Entrepreneur, Stem Cell Biologist, Neurosurgeon

Challenging Biology – can we code human cells for health?
Ariana Alexander-Sefre

Co-Founder and CEO of SPOKE

Can Music Save Lives?
Nirosha Balakumar

Graduate Student at the University of Cambridge

Mind the Gap: Navigating Higher Education as a Racialized Student