About - TEDxCambridgeUniversity
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Main Conference


We host one highly anticipated Main Conference every year, each with a different theme. Our conference allows you to hear from speakers that have done extraordinary things, and connect to fellow attendees who share your passion for learning. Limited to 100 attendees, the Conference is extremely popular amongst members of the University and wider Cambridge community alike.

In addition to the TEDx Talks themselves, our Conference also features an Innovation Showcase composed of interactive ‘TEDxhibits’ – a space for local artists, innovators, societies and companies to come together to exhibit and demonstrate their ideas.

TEDx Salons


In the lead up to this year’s Main Conference, we’re incredibly excited also be hosting a series of Salons- smaller, more intimate events featuring insightful speakers and thought-provoking discussions, along with unforgettable food and live music.

Break out of your predictable student routine and join us at our Salons, all held in various locations around town; some will be familiar, many will be new, but all will feature a cozy atmosphere, genuine people, and some of the best food and student musical acts that Cambridge has to offer.

From themes as big as the Future of Technology, to questions as personal as the Experience of Being an Outsider, expect to meet like-minded and not-so-similar people from all walks of life. At TEDxCambridgeUniversity, we believe that discovering Ideas Worth Spreading may only be a conversation away, and our Salons will give you a chance to explore these themes throughout the year even as we lead up to the main conference.

TEDxCambridgeUniversity tickets sell out fast, so remember to join our mailing list and to like us on Facebook to receive the latest news about upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you there!